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I finally got a haircut. Book 2 of The Fox Trails has been on hold for the last year, but for those of you who await its release, I promise it’ll happen. It takes a total immersion for me to relive the past and to tell those stories in their entirety. My life right now in the Northwoods is rich with new adventures and learning; I’d like to honor these present times by writing about them in the moment and sharing them with you as they happen.

This summer I’ll be doing a series of solo wilderness immersions. Once a month starting in May, I’ll go into the woods alone with no food or water and limited gear. I’ll be exploring shelter building, making fire by friction, foraging food, and other primitive skills. These immersions will push me beyond my edge, to that place of presence where energy is so low that every move counts for survival. Even harder still, I’ll have the challenge of smoothly reintegrating back into my daily responsibilities and relationships. I’ll be sharing this process with you in writing. In addition, I have the privilege of shadowing and assisting our lead wilderness guide during our summer programs which include a number of canoe immersions in the headwaters wilderness. I’m looking forward to writing about these adventures from a fresh place of reflection. Stay tuned…